At checkout you may have entered in the wrong phone number, entered in a wrong digit, it happens. Follow the next steps to get your receipt transferred to your account.

1. Fill out our points/rewards form, here.

2. Enter in as much details as you can provide, this will help us locate your receipt for transfer:
  • Name
    Name is required.

  • Account Phone Number
    Phone number is required. It is important to provide the phone number assigned to your account in order for us to transfer your receipt to the correct account.
  • Account Email Address
    Email is required for us to contact you and give you updates on the status of your receipt transfer.
  • Rewards Program
    The program is required. Help us determine where the receipt is from.
  • Store Location
    The store location is required. Help us determine where the receipt is from.
  • Receipt Code
    The receipt code is optional. It can be found on the bottom of receipts at some store locations. It is a 10 digit alphanumeric code.
  • Purchase Date
    Sometimes its hard to remember exactly when the date was. If you can, give us a estimate in the message area.
  • Receipt Total
    Receipt total is optional.
  • Message
    Tell us any other specifics that you can recall. The more information we have the better to help you.
3. Click "Submit" and we'll get back to you within 24 business hours.